nothing special, yet together we are.

Teacher/mom. Mom/Teacher. Mommy-Teacher. “Hey momma, I mean Mrs. Marsan…” The roles are interchangeable. When we’re at work we think about our own children. When we’re at home, we think about our classroom children.

I am nothing special; yet together we are. I chose the title Ms. Teacher Mom because it describes WHO I am… But I am not special or any different from the millions of other women that hold this same exact title. WE are special. In my opinion, we are among the selfless of women; always giving so much of ourselves, literally on a 24 hour basis. No one understands us but us… the fellow teacher mom.

Its a tug of war battle trying to figure out if we want to spend a few extra dollars in the dollar spot for our own children or for our temporary children. Both, the answer is almost always both. You see, if you’re a teacher mom, you are already aware of how much of ourselves we put into not only our own children, but the children that we’re blessed with every school year. They are a part of us and we hope that in a short time, we can become a part of them, forever.

Alone, I am nothing special; but together, we are shaping communities, countries, the world, one child at a time.



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