Time… the struggle is real.


There’s just not enough of it… time. Being a teacher-mom really does hit hard this time of year. I’ve only had one emotional breakdown in front of my husband so far so I guess I’ll consider things to be going well. Anyone who likes to put on the facade that being a mom, a teacher-mom, or any type of mom for that matter, is easy, is a liar… ☺

Being busy isn’t an issue for me. Having a Type A personality coupled with diagnosed anxiety, I am no stranger to keeping myself busy… and liking it. In high school I took a 4 year long Early Childhood Education certification course, all honors classes, I was involved in multiple clubs alongside journaling at school, church choir, and two jobs. And I did all of these things because I wanted to. Contrary to what one might assume, some people with anxiety tend to keep their plates full. We like to keep our minds busy, busy, busy. But this, this mom stuff, this is a different type of busy; an exhausting type of busy.

This year will be my first year really diving into the “soccer mom” type-role, figuratively (and well literally) speaking. I’ve come to terms with the idea that my home will now probably only be used for sleeping and showering and no leisure time will exist until May… and I should use the term “leisure” lightly.

A typical day will consist of waking my children up before the sun, getting them fed and dressed and out the door before 6:30am (crosses fingers). Fast forward past the school day, teaching 20+ 5- and 6-year-olds and after school meetings, then I’m off to tae kwon do before 5 o’ clock twice a week (and sometimes more). Tae kwon do is where I get most of my Etsy orders done, but I promise I’m still being an encouraging mom in the background! Oh, and I can’t forget my son’s weekly allergy shot. An hour a week is spent in the waiting room of my son’s allergist as we try and treat his peanut (and shrimp and milk and grass and dust) allergy. (Side note: I’ve forgotten about it two weeks in a row now, so I guess, technically, I “can” forget about it.) Wrap that up, rush home and cook dinner before PJ’s and bedtime by 8pm. Once the kids are down, clean up all the things they destroyed, pack lunches for tomorrow and do it all over again bright and early around 5:30am.

Finally! Hello, weekend! Soccer time! After soccer? Wash clothes, fold clothes, hang clothes, do all the things clothes! Clean up the mess we made throughout the week. Blog, maybe? Work on new designs and custom orders. Update lesson plans and any other classroom paperwork. Play with my kids. Referee my kids. Clean up behind my kids. Set out clothes for the week. Update lesson plans. Sleep, ha! Man, I miss summer already.

I could complain. A lot. But I don’t. [Takes a break right here to answer an Etsy order.] Everything that I have on my plate right now are things that I’ve worked SO hard to attain. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I always knew I wanted to be a homemaker. I always knew I wanted to graphic design. I do it all. I love doing it all! But man, the struggle is real!


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  1. I alost became overwhelmed just by reading. I need you to get a shirt that says super-teacher-mom. You must be related to wonder woman. Keep up the good work.

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