Lucas’ 6th Birthday Geography Party

Parties are my thing; except I didn’t know they were my thing until I had kids. I like to fully immerse myself in a theme and rock it the best I can. Not to my surprise, my now six-year-old, decided he wanted a “Geography Party”. My first response was that it wasn’t possible. Where in the world, no pun intended, was I going to find geography themed party decor?! I was wrong. It was more than possible! I began to dig a little deeper into my son’s interest. This past year he’s had a big obsession with not only the location of continents, countries, population, etc., but also countries’ flags! For his kindergarten 100 Days of School project, Lucas decided that he wanted to create a book of “100 Flags Around the World”.


The search to create a geography/flag party became, to my surprise, the easiest party to decorate to date, and I have done quite a few parties between both boys and a baby shower.

Some of the items purchased for this party came from a local party decor supplier but can also be found on sites like These are the tablecloths we used. I loved the bright blue base color with the flags around the sides. image.pngAmazon Tablecloth link

I also found a set of globe lanterns that my son loved, of course!

While browsing through Pinterest, I saw something that caught my eye. It was a photo of a toddler, taking photos in front of what seemed to be a world map shower curtain, and it was just that! I had been searching high and low for some type of tapestry of the world that could be reused as decor after the party. That’s always the best idea. Buy things that can be reused!  It makes the guilt of party decor shopping a little less heavy 😉 However, everything came up way too pricey. But the idea of a shower curtain was perfect! It was more in my price range and could be reused! Of course, Amazon was right there to provide exactly what I saw. Now, months after the party, the shower curtain is serving it’s intended purpose, as my boys’ shower curtain!


My absolute favorite piece of decor I found on a whim. I was searching for flag decor and came across a banner of flags. To my surprise, the banner circled our living area perfectly! It was really the cherry on top to some amazing flag and geography decor! Not sure how I’ll reuse it yet, but it has been saved nonetheless.


Lastly, our party was ultimately complete by adding our own nationalities to the mix! My husband is of Haitian, French, and Cuban descent while I am African, Filipino, Mexican, and Native American. I decided to hang a couple of the flags in our entryway, the Haitian and Filipino flags. Again, I purchased these items with the intention of reusing them! They are now hanging in our upstairs game room area!

MsTeacherMom’s Tips for Party Planning:

  1. Plan early! I find it best to start party planning about 3 months before the party. This doesn’t mean long vigorous hours and hundreds of dollars of spending. It’s quite the opposite. During your lunch break or while you’re browsing on your phone anyway, take 5 minutes to search the party theme you’re doing. Then, you’ll be able to buy a little at a time. Tablecloths one day, balloons a week later, etc.
  2. Choose a place that fits your wants. My husband and I always explore different options and just always end up using our home. We love the intimacy it brings. We love that there is no rush to leave and no rush to get things done. There is really no time limit for our party. We can provide drinks for the grown ups. We really love renting margaita machines!
  3. Prepare, prepare! Try your best to ensure everything is done (or being done for you) for the party so YOU can enjoy it. Most times, I have a plan. My husband is really good about offering his help any way he can the day of the party, so that I, too, can enjoy it! What’s the point of throwing a party if mom can’t enjoy herself, too! Our guests typically love the fresh cooked food my mom and mother-in-law make for our parties!
  4. HAVE FUN! Now that it’s all done… Relax! Enjoy the party! As I mentioned earlier, you want to ensure that you reap the fruits of your own labor 🙂



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