Whadddup y’all?! Britany here.

Originally from Miami Gardens, FL. but currently teaching and mommin’ in the great state of Texas!

My husband says that I have a lot to say… but I’m sure most husbands would say the same about their wives as well. Haha. So I’m here, sharing my experience as a #TeacherMom.

For some it may not seem like much, but being a mom and teacher pretty much sums up the first of my lifelong goals. I can’t imagine doing anything else right now! As for my longterm goals, I’ll leave that to wherever God leads me.

I am currently teaching Kindergarten in Spring, TX. and I love it! When I’m not teaching 22 little 5 and 6-year-olds, I’m home taking care of my own family. I am married to the most loving and supporting husband, Ludger Marsan, and together we have two boys, Lucas, who is 5, and Louie, who is 3. In the rare moments that I’m not teaching and mommin’, I’m probably editing my photography in Lightroom, making some shirts or house decor with my cricut, designing various things for Etsy, making new products for my Teachers Pay Teachers, blogging, and even spreading mental health awareness on social media through Project Semincolon. #mentalhealthawareness matters!

Being a #TeacherMom is the greatest blessing and I don’t take one second of it for granted.

Happy Teaching and Mom On!! 



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